Do you have a video you want to make for an audience that speaks an entirely different language? Maybe the idea has been in you head for a long time, but you don’t have the time or know how to make it. Or perhaps you have already made a video that requires dubbing for another language. It takes time and work to dub and subtitle. But, the pay off you can receive from it could be incredible. It opens up your audience even more which can lead to more connections. Let us at Lipsync International do the hard work for you. Don’t worry about making the time to study a foreign language, just to dub or subtitle a video. We’ll provide you with our leading translation, dubbing, and subtitling. Professional translation services Miami residents love include us and only us. We’re a translation company that cares about your business and ideas. Whatever the language your video may be in we will translate it and dub it to neutral international Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. We also do other languages upon request. Once you try us once, you’ll want to work with us even more. The performances we will provide your video with will be stellar. We have more than 150 professional actors, actresses, and speakers. We can also provide needed sound effects for your production. Our studio offers the latest audio equipment, allowing us to capture voices in high quality. If you’re sending us a video, then we will take it in any and all formats including analog. We have fifteen years in this industry, and we’ve translated more than 5,000 movies. We won’t allow your production to leave until it receives the dubbing and subtitling it deserves.


Why Us?

We’ve worked with many clients for over a decade, and that has given us more than enough experience. We know what works, and what doesn’t. Our clients trust our translation company to take care of their production, and we hope you will to. We’ve worked on shows. A lot of them you may know. We’ve worked on Dexter, Shameless, Episodes, Masters of Sex, Discovery Communications, Redwood Kings, Holiday Baking Championship, Gunslingers, Backcountry Justice, Dangerous Flights, Supercar, Over My Dead Body, Caracol Television, Anita, Made In Cartagena, Maria & Escarlett, El Secretario, Gabriela, La Quiero a Morir, and many more. We ask each and every client for feedback with our work, and we will ask the same of you when you come and receive our work. We’re a translation company that is at the forefront in our industry.


Dubbing: Professional Translation Services Miami

To tackle your production first a video master is sent to the localization provider, including a script, the video, and an M&E (either stereo or 5.1 and stereo). The provider should clarify the technical specs required for the master elements. If you don’t have a script, the provider will transcribe the dialogue. A dubbing stem script is created. It is analyzed frame-by-frame, with every pause in the dialogue; taking into account tonal inflections and general tenor to ensure the nuance of the performance is transmitted to the translators. A low-resolution reference file of your video and master script are sent to the target-language team who may reside in-house but often work off-site. Specialized translators then work with the dubbing script to translate it and adapt it by matching the length of each line of dialogue to the original script. Expert localization providers use algorithms to count the syllables of the script in the original language. This is key for the adaptation of the translated script to the exact timing and tempo of the original language recording. This is especially important for precise lip-syncing. Some languages tend to have longer words or idiomatic expressions. A good dubbing translation will look to preserve both length of locution and the meaning of the original dialog. Voice-casting usually occurs while translators tackle the script. QC editors work with the dialogue in the target language to ensure the lip-syncing to the video is accurate and well timed. In some instances, selective technical adjustments are made to imperceptibly slow down or speed up the video in order to improve upon the lip-sync of the dub. This will ensure that the actors’ voice-over recordings match the mouth movements exactly. It takes patience and a meticulous eye but will make all the difference in the final product.

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