Throughout the United States, foreign films and TV shows are continuing to gain popularity. This is especially true with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime adding more foreign language content to their roster. With this rising trend, there has been an increased demand for content that is dubbed. Dubbing, also known as lip sync dubbing, is the replacement of the spoken language of a media project with another language and matching the lip movements of a character on screen. Dubbing gained a schlocky reputation throughout the 60’s and 70’s due to Hong Kong martial arts movies, as they were often dubbed in English with little regard to lip syncing. Along with over-the-top performances and non-matching wording, films that contained poor dubbing would often be “dubbed” too “dubby.” So what is the secret to a successful dubbing project? Lipsync International Corp., who provides professional translation services Miami residents rely on, is here to discuss tips for a successful dubbing project. Call Lipsync International Corp. if you’re looking for voice over agencies in the Miami area!


Successful Dubbing Tips

  • A great team, equipment, and recording space- For any project, it’s essential to have a reliable, professional team to back you up when creating the best product and hitting deadlines. Having a professional localization studio is key to improving the quality of your dubbing project. Your studio project manager needs to be able to ensure that all tasks necessary for a dubbing project are delegated and completed correctly, from translation and lip sync adaptation of the script to quality assurance of the voice recordings, along with hitting all the deadlines. This is why you may want to look at voice over agencies to work with. 
  • Casting and Directing- In Hollywood they say that 90% of directing is casting, and finding the right voice actor for the role is half the battle. However, it’s important to get the project to 100%. The actor has to focus on reading the script correctly, lip syncing to the video playback, and delivering the right emotional tones. It’s very difficult to juggle all these things and at the same time being able to gauge the quality of their delivery, which is where the director comes into play. The director should be a native speaker of the language being dubbed, and have experience in the field.


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With these tips, you should be able to reach your target audience with a stellar dubbing project that sounds natural and is able to catch the feeling and meaning of the original source content. Basically, an excellent dubbing project needs to feature a professional localization studio, high quality recording equipment and recording spaces, a director that can thoroughly understand the script and work with actors well, and prepared voice talents who can bring a spark to the project.


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Lipsync International Corp. provides professional translation services Miami residents rely on. If you are looking for voice over agencies in the Miami area, call Lipsync International Corp. today!


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