Did you know there are over seven thousand languages spoken across the world? This just goes to show how unique and important human language is, and while your business or service might not be reaching people who speak every single one of them, it’s safe to assume you’ll benefit from communicating with at least a few. Across the United States, for example, a lot more than just English is spoken. If you live in Miami, you should be especially familiar with the frequency of Spanish being spoken throughout the city. For these reasons and more, translation services can be a huge help for companies who don’t have bilingual staff. We at Lipsync International Corp. are an experienced translation company Miami that work to help translate, dub, and create subtitles for audio and visual content throughout various languages. We’d like to take a moment to share the benefits of hiring a translation service for your audio-visual needs.


Ways You Benefit From Translation Services

  • Reliability and Quality 
    • Many of us are familiar with the hilariousness that ensues when people rely on online translation tools like Google Translate. These tools can translate very simple things, but they lack the ability to take context into account and will often produce rigid text that doesn’t match common vernacular. With a translation company, you have fluent speakers and writers of the language you want to translate who will not only know how to translate using diverse phrases, idioms, and sayings, but will also be able to proofread this content for perfection.
  • Fast Service
    • Translation is a simple, fast task that can be easily and swiftly accomplished by a fluent speaker. Depending on the size of your project, you may even be able to see a turnaround the very next day! While it’s still a good idea to hire a translation company ahead of time, you can rest assured that their services will be completed quickly.
  • Fit for Any Sized Projects
    • A professional translation company will have a network of staff capable of translating whatever projects you have in mind, meaning there’s no task too large to handle. Even if you’re working on a lengthy film or documentary, you don’t have to worry about your script being too large.
  • Fast Communication and Payment Options
    • It’s easy to stay in touch with your translation company online for quick questions or concerns. This also goes for payment options, making this service one that can be initiated, completed, and paid for in a short and easy amount of time.


The Best Translation Company Miami

At Lipsync International Corp., we have a variety of services that we offer for translating different content. Our language specialties are for Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English, but we may also accommodate other languages upon request. Our services include:

  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Animation
  • Documentaries
  • Audio Mixing
  • M and E Tracks
  • Voice Acting

With over fifteen years of experience, we’ve grown to have an expansive staff with versatile experience. We’ve helped our clients translate thousands of films, documentaries, and animation, and we’ve even worked on several Brazilian soap operas.


Contact Us for Translation Services

If you are looking for a translation company Miami, look no further than Lipsync International Corp. We have the staff and experience to help any client with their translation needs. For more information, or to ask us questions, contact us today by phone or by email.

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