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Are you looking for professional translation services that are sure to deliver the most out of your project? If you are in the Miami area, Lipsync International Corp. is here for you. Our team has over 30 years of experience and specializes in dubbing several languages, including Spanish, Portugues, French, and English. This includes mixing and casting of series. When it comes to the best voice over agencies in Miami, we are the best choice.

What Is Dubbing?

Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on media such as movies, TV shows, or interviews. The voices of the actors shown on the screen are replaced by those of different actors who translate the original audio into a different language.

Dubbing localizes material to a foreign market using a voice artist or voice actor. The actors who record often aren’t famous and generally remain unknown, with few exceptions. In some cases, actors develop a fan base when they continuously dub the same characters or actors.

After a movie is wrapped and moves to post-production, it is time to localize. Translators who reside in- territory create a translation, which is then conformed, so the words fit better with the actor’s lip movements. Next, voice-over actors are cast with sensitivity to matching characteristics of the original actor’s voice to maintain the original integrity.

In one method of recording, actors read from a script while watching the video and wait for a beep to indicate that their line is coming up. Another technique is “rythmo band” where the movie plays and lines of dialogue scroll across the bottom of the screen, stretching and compressing in different places, indicating how to time words with the character’s mouth.

To finish the process, once the foreign actors’ voices are recorded, sound editors fine-tune the foreign lip-synched. Sound mixers then blend the dialogue with the M&E so that everything syncs perfectly.



We Offer Professional Translation Services

When it comes to the best services and products, we rise against our competitors. We are pride ourselves in offering over 30 years of experience. Our prices are also very competitive. We are very personable with our clients with our one on one experience. If you are worried about the work we do, be sure to check out a number of reputable clients and projects. Some of these include Showtime and Discovery Channel.



All your videos recorded in any language will be translated and dubbed to neutral international Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. We also provide translation to additional languages upon request.

Voice Over Dubbing

Our staff has more than 150 professional actors, actresses and speakers.


We are able to produce the sound band and special and appropriate sound effects for your production.


We offer the best sound and digital quality processed in our studios with the latest technology in the market today.


We receive your videos in all formats, including digital and analog. We have been in the market for over 15 years and also have in our record more than 5,000 movies, translated and dubbed from any language to neutral international Spanish, Portuguese, French and English.


Three Brazilian soap operas, and more than 1,000 documentaries, animation and series have given us sufficient skills to guarantee all of your requirements.


We offer the highest level in quality. No production leaves our studios without meeting your requirements.




Call One of the Best Voice Over Agencies

Lipsync International Corp. is a leading company in the field of translation, dubbing, and subtitling of any Audio-Video material. We are fully dedicated and passionate about the art of dubbing and subtitling, primarily specializing in the translation from any language to neutral international Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. We also provide translation and dubbing to additional languages upon request.

If you are looking for the best dubbing and professional translation services, Lipsync International Corp. is here to save the day. Located in Miami, we are one of the top voice over agencies. Call us today for more information today at 305-969-5300 or via email at

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