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At first glance, you might think that voice over (also known as voice acting) is a rather straightforward production technique. After all, the voice talent only has to read and interpret someone else’s words. How hard can it be to speak into a microphone? But voice recording is more than just talking. The art is to read the words in a natural voice that is suited to a character or context. Although voiceover actors don’t appear on camera, they are required to have an eclectic inventory of voices. The biggest problem today is the Internet is saturated with low-quality videos and voice overs. You can be different with the help of a voice over agency. Lipsync International Corp. is a leading company in the field of translation, dubbing, voice over, and subtitling services of any Audio-Video material in Miami, FL. We have over 150 professional actors, actresses, and speakers who can help you mix voice overs that sound better than the majority of the voice recordings out there.


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What Are The Benefits?

There are certainly some amazing benefits to working with a good language translation service rather than the cheaper options…

The Role of Voice Acting

The human voice is a complex instrument that’s capable of instant expression. Its talents include producing a wide variety of pitches and offering unique tonality. The role of voice acting is to provide a voice for use in a professional production, such as the narration over a documentary. Voice over is something that is present in everyday life, from on-hold messages to podcasts to the voice between TV programs, and more. Let’s take a look at the five basic monikers voice professionals can have depending on their area of expertise.

You’ve probably realized by now that the skills needed for this profession are incredibly varied. For example, the voice over skills required for a TV cartoon are different from those required for a training course.

The Benefits Our Voice Over Agency Provides to You

When it comes to the art of voice over, we take it seriously by priding ourselves on delivering an optimal experience. We’ve gained a reputation for helping clients, such as Showtime and the Discovery Channel, find voices that fit their visions without overshadowing their projects. And our team of gurus would like to help you find the sound you seek too.

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There are many people on the Internet claiming to be proficient in voice over production. The difference between them and us is that we at Lipsync International Corp. have over 30 years’ experience to support our claim. If you’re in the Miami area, we want to help you with your next project. Contact us today to learn more about the services provided by our voice over agency.


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