What To Look For When Hiring Professional Voice Actors

Have you ever hired voice talent before? Whether you’re totally new to the process of writing job postings and playing back auditions, or you have ample experience harnessing the power of voice over to heighten the emotional impact of your project, you can get something from our guide. Read on to learn more about how to find the best professional voice actors for the job and what to look for when hiring professional voice actors. Lipsync International Corp. is one of the top voice over agencies in Miami. For voice over and translation services, call Lipsync International Corp. today!

Voice Actor Hiring Tips From One Of The Top Voice Over Agencies

When it comes to the process of hiring voice actors, the more prepared you are, the better the end result- just like anything else. Before you start looking for a voice actor, make sure that you have the following prepared:

  • A finalized, approved script- An excerpt of your script can be included in your job posting to give voice actors a glimpse into the style and content of your project. You’ll receive much more feedback and you’ll be able to hear exactly  how voice talent will interpret the words of your script and bring it to life, making your hiring decision a lot more straightforward.
  • A budget estimate- Go over your voice over budget that is listed on the rates and pricing page
  • Artistic direction- The more detailed your artistic direction is, the better voice over auditions you’ll get back. Take a peek at our voice over sample scripts for some guidance on how to frame your artistic direction.

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Nowadays there is access to a variety of options to secure voice over services for your next project. To bring in the best and most fitting voice actors to audition for your project, it’s essential for you to offer a concise description of your target market. You need to include demographic information in your voice over job posting so that auditioning talent will be able to have a thorough understanding of your project’s ideal listener. When you think about it, the old saying “know your audience” isn’t just a staple in the realms of advertising and marketing. Being able to know somebody’s audience is absolutely crucial when it comes to performers as well. The job of a voice actor is to  communicate in a way that is educational, informational, and entertaining. This is achieved most effectively when a voice actor has enough information to formulate a picture of who they’re addressing and how their character relates to the audience. 

Describing Your Audience

Voice over is generally intended to engage audiences for extremely targeted goals, such as helping increase brand awareness and information recall, or to add personality and emotional impact. The best way to make sure that your voice over achieves a meaningful connection with your target audience is to have a thorough comprehension and an effective description of who your target audience is.

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